Managing Engagement in Times of Change, Disruption, and Turmoil


The rise of populist governments, rapid technology advances, and mergers and acquisitions all have the potential of creating havoc at work. Volatility and uncertainty can lead to fear at the individual level as well as throughout the organization. That leads to errors, disengagement, and faltering performance. In the face of these disruptive forces, leaders still need to lead. They need to engage and energize their people while navigating through complexity and ambiguity.
Using a blend of neuroscience and social science research, Teryluz Andreu, North America Culture & Engagement Leader at Aon will discuss how the typical employee reacts to threatening change and what leaders need to do to engage employees as they combat their fears and the adversity in front of them.
You will learn:

  • How to use a blend of neuroscience and social science to combat employee fears and adversities to change
  • Specific steps leaders need to take to counter disengagement in the face of a stressful and changeable environment
  • Why external threats like populism, rapid technology advancement, and M&A activity will threaten employee engagement


Debby McIsaac

Vice President, Global Employee Engagement Center of Excellence, HP Inc.

Teryluz Andreu

North America Culture & Engagement Leader at Aon