Building Leader Connections at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital


Managers and leaders play a critical role in organization culture and effectiveness.  While their influence is felt throughout all functions and processes of an organization, building connections with employees is paramount to organization success. 
Innovative employee survey design and analytics has enabled Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center’s commitment to identify, develop, and support Great Leaders.  This session will describe how CCHMC uses data to uncover what defines a great leader for their employees, measure the impact of great leaders on engagement, and begin to develop meaningful interventions to support and develop Great Leaders throughout the organization.
You will learn:

  • How to use their company’s employee survey to collect data and insights needed to drive key corporate objectives
  • The link between specific leader behaviors and employee engagement
  • The importance of leader positivity and confidence in the organization 


Sarah Johnson, Ph.D.

Vice President, Enterprise Surveys and Analytics, Perceptyx Inc.

Christine Browning

Senior Vice President Human Resources, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital