Company Purpose Fuels Employee Engagement


Social entrepreneurs. Purpose-driven companies. Mission forward thinking. Throughout the last 10 years, business has evolved. It’s no longer an option for any business to integrate philanthropy, giving or a social component into the way it operates. Customers expect it and want their purchase to help more broadly; and employees want to work for companies that have a clear, strong purpose. Every company has a purpose - the secret is getting your employees to know and engage with it.
In this session you will learn how more than 10 years of impact in the lives of beneficiaries continues to drive and make an impact for TOMS employees. Because coming to work is much more fun when you know you’re part of something bigger.
You will learn:

  • What it means to TOMS to make our work meaningful by connecting to our purpose
  • How to align purpose with meaningful causes: Finding the cause within your purpose
  • Tips for integrating purpose for your employees



Betsy Riley

Talent Development Manager, TOMS