The Mindful Organization: Crafting Holistic Employee Experiences


Mindful organizations promote awareness and responsiveness to employee stressors as part of their approach to talent management. By staying mindful of employee work-life experiences, these organizations are better able to craft cost-sensitive, yet robust benefits and solutions that enhance employee engagement, productivity, satisfaction, and retention. In this keynote presentation, recent survey data provides insight into the strategies deployed by mindful organizations, and offers guidance on how to focus talent management efforts to improve business outcomes and the employee experience.
You will learn:

  • What tools and approaches mindful organizations use to better understand employee stressors.
  • How strengthening and diversifying employee benefits assists in efforts to recruit, retain and engage employees.
  • How costs and benefits of increased responsiveness to the employee experience are measured and monitored by mindful organizations.
  • The collateral benefits associated with mindful strategies in terms of productivity, innovation, and growth.


Jenna N. Filipkowski, Ph.D.

Vice President of Research and Development, Human Capital Institute (HCI)

Travis Trautman

Director, Talent Acquisition & HRIS at KinderCare Education