Breaking Corporate Silence: How High-Influence Leaders Create Cultures of Voice


What do GM and the Titanic have in common? Both organizations were deeply impacted by a Culture of Silence. This type of culture exists when the willful withholding of important work related information becomes the norm resulting in substantial loss of productivity, revenue and increased operational and reputation risk. The lack of upward communication in these organizations is apparent in hindsight, but according to Rob Bogosian, Ph.D. author of Breaking Corporate Silence, it’s often difficult for leaders to recognize the causes and symptoms of employee silence up close until it’s too late.
You will learn the specific “Signs of Silence” and proven methods to measure high-risk Cultures of Silence and how to shape and sustain more productive, low-risk Cultures of Voice.
Using the Silence Voice Index™ (SVI) diagnostic, Rob will discuss the risks of silent cultures in organizations and specific recommendations to help leaders determine if they are inadvertently creating this type of culture, and will share specific, proven leadership practices that shape and sustain Cultures of Voice.
You will learn:

  • How to recognize behaviors known to contribute to a Culture of Silence
  • The damaging culture of silence effects on companies and employees, such as medical and performance costs (i.e. $44 billion annually).
  • How to distinguish between corporate Culture of Silence (e.g., GM, BP, Volkswagen) and Cultures of Voice (Microsoft, Google)
  • The benefits associated with Cultures of Voice: Reduced operational and reputation risk, Rapid knowledge transfer, Efficient, root cause problem solving, Innovation
  • The risks associated with Cultures of Silence: Reduced operational performance, Increased voluntary turnover, Operational, fiduciary and reputational risk
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Rob Bogosian, Ph.D.

Author of “Breaking Corporate Silence: How High-Influence Leaders Create Cultures of Voice” and Expert in Executive Leadership Development for Multi-National Organizations