Developing an Authentic Culture


Let’s face it, there is a cultural shift in the workforce. Now more than ever, organizations are competing internationally for the best talent at home and abroad. What this means is talented individuals are able to choose the environment they want to work in, the company they want to help build and the people they want to spend their time with - Talent is choosing employment based on company culture. This is why developing an authentic and impactful culture is paramount to the long term success of your company.
In this session you will learn the importance of an authentic culture and the power of an intentional mindset. Hear unique insights into Shopify’s culture and sustainability during the company’s immense growth and learn pivoting techniques for underperforming implementations. The session will also feature a range of culture implementations for any budget and the top performing implementations at Shopify.
You will learn:

  • Why duplicating aspirational cultures will fail
  • How to develop a successful culture
  • How to measure qualitative success

Keynote Presenter

Konval Matin

Director of Culture and Talent Development, Shopify