Winning the Game on Engagement: Delivering a Distinctive Work Experience


Every organization has an engagement journey. Some have forged a clear path that has allowed them to create a powerful and strong engaged work experience that drives business performance. Others started off on the right path but have perhaps gotten lost along the way, trying to figure out how (or whether) to get back on track. Still others meander, wandering about, without a clear end in mind, and some just stay in one place not even knowing where to begin.
What is your journey, and how do you know if you have the clear path or are getting lost in the weeds?
This workshop is about understanding that journey, and reframing engagement from being a number, or survey, or series of activities, into really being about creating the kind of work experience that will result in successfully reaching your organization and business goals.
We'll walk through the concept of work experience progression - focusing on three key stages of this progression: Foundational, Developing, and Distinctive. Working through this progression helps organizations make sure they have the right elements in place to go from being a good place to work to one that is truly distinctive and unique. From having satisfactory engagement, to having the kind of engagement that moves the bottom line.
You will learn:

  • Assess what stage your organization is at on the employee experience progression
  • Reflect on what obstacles may be impeding performance within your organization
  • Determine what your end goals should be and how to determine when you have "arrived"
  • Ensure that your engagement and work experience efforts translates into improved business outcomes

Workshop Facilitators

Shebani Patel

Principal, PwC in the Saratoga People Analytics practice

Jeffrey Jolton

Managing Director, PwC