Design Thinking is a Different Way of Being: Start by Applying it to Your People Success Programs


In the past several years, design thinking has become the gold standard by which we create products, ideas, and programs that have unexpected and lasting effects on people and organizations. Done right, design thinking is a creative solution-finding method made famous by organizations like Google and Apple, innovation consulting firms like IDEO, training programs like Stanford’s D-School, and books like Eric Ries’s The Lean Startup. The name itself is misleading — design thinking is a different way of being, not just a way of viewing things differently. Anyone can say they use design thinking. The proof is in how people behave each day and in the actions leaders reinforce.   
In this interactive workshop, you’ll learn what design thinking is and how to work it into your team and company’s culture by proving its impact on people success programs. Justin will share case studies and a step-by-step plan for applying design thinking to people success. Participants will use that framework and the support of their table-mates to sketch out solutions to common challenges like executive buy-in, leader adoption, and employee participation.
You will learn:

  • How to improve employee engagement through design thinking
  • Ways to drive purpose and meaningful connections across the organization
  • How to create better leaders through empowerment
  • To create more productive environments where people can thrive

Workshop Facilitator

Justin Black

Senior Director of Organizational Development Science, Glint