How to Sustain Competitive Advantage with Vertical Developmentā€”Talent and Competencies Are Not Enough


To create truly sustainable competitive advantage, organizations must integrate vertical development into existing selection processes and skills training. Vertical development involves a focus on preparing leaders for challenges they will encounter in today’s increasingly volatile, complex, and ambiguous environment where information and situations are fluid and unpredictable.

It’s more important than ever to hire talented people and match them to the right roles. However, even the best talent in the right roles won’t produce consistent competitive advantage unless leaders continue to develop and grow. Creating a sustainable competitive advantage requires going beyond identifying the best leaders (selection) and providing ongoing training (horizontal development). Competitive advantage requires abilities to think in different ways and function within interdependent systems to meet the needs of the enterprise in a constantly changing and highly competitive global environment.

You will learn:

  • Differentiate between horizontal and vertical development
  • How leadership selection and new ways of thinking and reacting affects business outcomes
  • Generate ideas for vertical development and apply them in your organization

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Stosh D. Walsh

Senior Faculty - Global Markets, Center for Creative Leadership