Sparked Talent: The Art of Attention in the Age of Distraction


Competition for mind-share continues to increase, and your ability to capture the attention of top talent is becoming more critical than ever. It is no longer enough to just create great content; you must leverage proven ways to engage and inspire action.
In this session Peter Lynch will share lessons from his experience in the start-up world and as talent executive in several Fortune 500 companies. Sparks is about the future of content in an age of distraction. Join Peter for a look at what social technology teaches about how to capture and keep the attention of top talent throughout the talent acquisition lifecycle.
In this session you will learn:

  • How to capture and keep the attention of high quality candidates.
  • Why you need to provide people with meaningful interactions with your brand.
  • How to apply Peter’s essential principles and maximize candidate engagement from attract all the away to onboard.


Peter Lynch

Former Head of Global Talent Management, Social Responsibility and Inclusion, Great-West Financial