Exploring Ways to Advance and Retain Women in the Workforce


At Expedia, we aspire to create an inclusive and exceptional workplace – for all our employees. From a business standpoint, diversity is about building a dynamic team that incorporates different backgrounds, cultures, genders etc. such that ideally our teams represent our entire customer base. We recognize that while it is important to be diverse, hiring diverse employees is only the first essential part. We need to think about what we are doing to make diverse individuals feel included, supported and respected -- and whether we are doing enough.

We have created a comprehensive model to enable our entire company to bring diversity to the forefront. Our focus areas are hiring, advancement, retention and education. In this session, we will focus on advancement and retention of women in leadership.

You will learn:

  • How to get the whole company bought in into the business case for diversity, especially when you are 20,000 employees strong. How essential is this?
  • The Internal programs and policies that help women advance their careers with the company and stay for the longer term.
  • How to leverage a Test and Learn approach to advance the field of Diversity and Inclusion?


Amee Parekh

Director HR People Inclusion & Strategy, Expedia