Ben Bratt

Principal and Founder, The Team Effectiveness Project

Bennett Bratt is the Principal and Founder of The Team Effectiveness Project, and it is his mission to unlock the true power of teams, leaders, and communities. His Team Elements approach helps teams de-mystify their experiences and take positive ownership for their current situation and create an inclusive path forward. Bennett has extensive experience in the high-tech and automotive industries, including positions at T-Mobile, Sun Microsystems, the Ford Motor Company, Volkswagen, and the automotive internet start-up company Model E.  He holds graduate degrees from Tulane University and Michigan State University and earned an undergraduate degree from Calvin College. Learn more at

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005: Driving the Ecosystem of Effective Teams

May 30, 2017 | Ben Bratt

In this Nine to Thrive HR: Deep Dive podcast, we put these questions and more to thought leader and practitioner, Bennett Bratt, the principal and founder of The Team Effectiveness Project. Listen as Bennett shares some critical insights on teams today, and offers some concrete ways to help organizations, leaders, and team members become more successful.

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Revolutionizing HR for a Wireless Rebel

September 24, 2015 | Ben Bratt

What’s an HR professional to do when “tried and true” HR practices are met with disinterest or even resistance?  What do you do when the pace of change all around outstrips your ability to adapt?  In this HCI Keynote ...

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