Dan Walter, CECP, CEP

Managing Consultant, FutureSense

Dan joined FutureSense in 2018 as a Managing Consultant specializing in the areas of executive, equity and incentive compensation and general pay for performance. With more than two decades of industry experience, he is an internationally recognized expert on all forms of start-up pay and equity compensation for all sizes and stages of companies. Dan excels at building innovative total reward solutions that align with strategy and culture while driving company success. Dan has a unique ability to help anyone understand even the most complex and technical details in ways that are approachable and memorable.

Dan believes that compensation is a critical component of everything a company does, and that well-designed pay solutions can be the difference between survival, success and domination of an industry. Dan has performed worked for companies in a broad range of industries, and for companies of all types, stages and sizes. He is known by colleagues as a resource for needs that are beyond the scope, or imagination, of most other consultants.

Dan has built his reputation on providing “usual compensation for unusual companies and unusual compensation for usual companies.” Dan likes to say that “vanilla solutions are for vanilla companies, most companies I work with are special.”

Dan is the author and coauthor of several books including: Everything You Do in Compensation is Communication, The Decision-Makers Guide to Equity Compensation and the ground-breaking Performance-based Equity Issue Brief. Dan is a prolific writer and has written more than 200 blog articles covering all aspects of compensation. He also shares information as often as possible and is a recognized expert at Quora.com on topics including employee stock options, startup compensation, equity compensation and restricted stock units.

Dan has served on the board of directors for the National Center for Employee Ownership and the advisory board for HR.com. He is an active member of World at Work, SHRM, The Society for Certified Equity Professionals, and is the founder of Equity Compensation Experts the largest independent networking group for equity compensation professionals. He has earned the designations of Certified Executive Compensation Professional (CECP) through World at Work and a Certified Equity Professional (CEP) through Santa Clara University’s Leavey School of Business.

Dan is the happily married father of an amazing toddler son and passionately supports childhood adoption and education causes. His hobbies include photography and he makes pretty darned good guacamole.

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