David Barlaam

Director of Talent Acquisition, Ryder Systems

David Barlaam, Director of Talent Acquisition at Ryder Systems, Inc., has spent the last decade in Global TA Leadership roles, successfully designing, implementing, and executing top-notch talent acquisition programs. He has built several corporate recruiting organizations from the ground up and has led more than 100 people in teams worldwide. In 2014, Barlaam was honored with the Cleveland 2014 SHRM Talent Management Award and has enjoyed presenting on various talent acquisition, HR, & Social media related topics with ERE, IQPC (HR Metrics & Analytics), PSRA (Social Media) and others.

Barlaam has specialized in internalizing, developing, and leading global talent acquisition in companies ranging from Tech Start-ups to Fortune 500, hiring up to 18,000 employees per year in more than 120 locations around the world. Under his leadership, the organizations greatly reduced their headhunter reliance, use, and expense while improving quality and retention. He has also led several successful multilingual applicant tracking system implementations and employment branding / web strategy redesigns. David believes that talent acquisition is truly the most important supply chain in any organization, and spends his time focusing on how to improve the process for both the organizations and applicants impacted. David resides in South Florida with his wife Holly, their two young daughters, and their golden doodle. In addition to spending time with his family, he loves technology, gaming, music, sports, and travel.

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Proactive Recruiting for Essential Roles

June 11, 2018 | David Barlaam

Recruiting is typically a reactive exercise: a need arises, recruiting "scopes out" job with hiring manager, a job description is posted, recruiting starts, job gets filled, recruiting ends. In recent years, many of us have begun to ...

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