Dr. Gregory Ketchum

Principal, TalentPlanet

Dubbed the “Frasier of the Cubicles” by the San Francisco Chronicle, Dr. Greg is a former clinical psychologist-turned CEO and media workplace and executive coach. He presides over an executive talent firm, providing coaching for executives and Fortune 500 companies. A unique mix of psychology and coaching expertise gives Dr. Greg a great understanding of people and what it takes for career success. Combined with his keen insight into today’s workplace, and infused with his trademark quick wit, Dr. Greg challenges his clients to reach for career success on their own terms—and to have a good time doing it.

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Delivering Learning with Authenticity

December 9, 2016 | Greg Ketchum

Trying to create learning content from the ground up relies on a coordinated and collaborative effort. But more than that it requires a thoughtful strategy for engaging the learner. Listen as Dr. Greg Ketchum, frequent collaborator with HCI, ...

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