Elsa Powel Strong

Senior Consultant, The Ariel Group

Elsa is Ariel’s Director of Learning Solutions. She oversees the development of Ariel’s portfolio of offerings that support organizations and individuals to develop the true influence they need to build social capital, drive a compelling vision, and collaborate for results. She and her team of consultants work with clients to design and build solutions that support their business challenges in the in the areas of leadership, communication, and sales.

She has served clients across multiple industries and time zones for more than two decades including government agencies, scientific research institutions, bio-technology and pharmaceuticals, professional services, banking, insurance, manufacturing, and consumer goods.  

Passionate about music, Elsa has been performing opera and cabaret for more than twenty years. Her career includes performances in Carmen and Madame Butterfly with Opera Providence. Elsa holds a B.A. from Brown University and a M.A. in Organizational Management from George Washington University. She was also a contributor to the Langer Mindfulness Institute which was founded by Dr. Ellen Langer of Harvard University.

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Use True Influence to Empower Your Organization

October 30, 2018 | Elsa Powel Strong

Discover the skills needed to enhance influence in your people, including storytelling, authentic presence, and strategic communication skills, and explore actionable tips for developing true influence within your organization.