Greg Graham

Vice President, O.C. Tanner

Greg joined O.C. Tanner in September 2008 after completing a successful sales leadership and account management career with Maritz, Inc.  Throughout Greg’s 25-year career he has worked with and advised clients in all aspects of employee and channel performance improvement strategies.  His work at O.C. Tanner is focused on creating effective recognition strategies that support and enhance cultures where innovation, creativity, and performance thrive.   Greg leads a team of recognition strategists, coaching them on delivering great work for each of our clients worldwide.   He encourages his team to approach every client with the same goal: understand where they are in their journey and determine how to best support them in a unique way, aligned to their culture and needs. With a belief that recognition creates powerful interactions between people, Greg has seen how recognition done right can transform teams and organizations, while delivering tangible business results.  During his tenure, Greg has consulted with significant global brands—including Nissan North America, Qualcomm, Chevron, American Express, Scripps Health and more.