Joel Farnworth

HCI Faculty

Joel Farnworth, MAML, is currently Managing Partner for Kasemsri Farnworth
& Associates, a Strategy, Leadership, and Advanced HR Services company
based in Bangkok and serving the Asia Pacific and MENA regions. Prior to this
role, Joel spent 22 years in various international HR roles with HSBC including:

  • Global Head of Talent, Learning and ODD
  • Head of HR for Thialand, India and MENA
  • Asia Pacific Training Adviser

He has worked in 38 countries and with more than 50 nationalities. In
both his permanent and consulting roles, Joel has extensive experience
working with CEOs and top teams to develop regional and local HR
resources that deliver impactful service at international standards. He
focuses primarily on services that drive competitive advantage and
business success: strategic advice, performance, rewards, talent, and
ODD management with particular emphasis on creation of appropriate key
metrics to track progress and identify further improvements.

Joel is a sought-after change agent and HR adviser with experience that
spans multiple industries, geographies, and cultures. This combination
of research and experience guide Joel’s proven approach to leadership
development. Whether as a guest speaker or one-on-one coach, Joel’s
understanding of effective leadership and his strategies for building
leaders continue to be requested from new and repeat clients alike.

In addition to his MA in Management Learning, he holds Chartered Fellow
status with CIPD and has had the benefit of significant personal development
at such institutions as Michigan Business School and Roffey Park. He is
accredited in the use of a number of assessment and development tools
including De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats, OPQ, PAPI and Myers-Briggs.