Lori Dipprey

Chief People Officer, Pariveda Solutions

Lori serves as the Chief People Officer for Pariveda Solutions, a leading management consulting company whose mission is to develop each employee to their highest potential.  Pariveda's application and advancement of its mission is a key contribution to why they are ranked among the best places to work in their local markets. Lori's career started in software development and management consulting. She leverages the strategic thinking she used to apply to the client business to now apply it to Pariveda's business and how they can innovate, attract, acquire, develop and retain the talented individuals that make up Pariveda.  A major component of Lori's role at Pariveda is to identify and institutionalize innovative ways to expand learning across the organization and empower employees to reach for their highest potential throughout their career at Pariveda and beyond.

Ms. Lori Dipprey has over 15 years of management and technology consulting experience As a consultant, Ms. Dipprey taught courses in development methodologies, .NET development and computer continuing education. As her career transitioned to leadership and development, she now teaches leadership development and new methods for career development.

Prior to joining Pariveda Solutions, Ms. Dipprey held leadership positions at RealVue Simulation Technologies, Hitachi Consulting and Tactica Technology Group. Prior to becoming an IT consultant, she was a Systems Developer at Southwest Airlines serving in-flight and flight operations.

Lori holds a bachelor's degree in Management Information Systems from the University of Texas at Austin. 

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