Micah White

Director of Research & Development, CGS Enterprise Learning

About Micah WhiteDirector of Research & Development, CGS Enterprise Learning Micah White, who has nearly 20 years of eLearning experience, is Director of Research & Development for CGS Enterprise Learning. His primary research focus is advanced technology for the authoring, publishing and visualization of multimedia and interactive learning content.  He is responsible for generating new business opportunities via technology development, with a strong focus in multimedia production. He has expertise in responsive web technologies for learning, mobile learning applications, real-time 3D graphics (Unity & Flash Stage3D) and HTML5-based eLearning. Micah has a deep understanding of intelligent design.  Working with various IT and telecom customers, he delivers training that can be used on all devices. He has been nominated for a Canadian Gemini Award and won a Brandon Hall Award for Best Advance in Rapid Authoring.

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Prediction: The Future of Employee Engagement Starts with Augmented Reality

April 3, 2019 | Doug Stephen, Micah White

Evaluate the key differences among the three primary applications of AR in Learning: Collaborative, Interactive and Product; explore a variety of use cases for different companies – particularly those with remote or deskless workers; and review metrics that are proving stronger results through the combination of real-life training from senior-level experts with employees who are onboarding and retaining knowledge faster.