Mike Jordan

Global Head of Talent and Learning, HP, Inc.

Mike Jordan has been working with companies for over 20 years to transform their approaches to development, leadership and culture. From the Colorado tech startup DigitalGlobe that Mike helped to scale and take public, to larger organizations like Verizon and Sony, he has partnered with leaders to define and refine the way they think about their people.

Prior to joining the corporate world, Mike was part of the leadership team assembled to create and launch Americorp’s Denver campus, which developed future leaders through community service projects. This was a defining moment where he realized he was a “builder” at heart, shaping the opportunities he has sought ever since.

Since Americorps, Mike has consulted and worked with global companies in the areas of leadership development, marketing for channel partners and as an HRBP for several executive teams. He has a penchant for balancing disruption with simplification, and loves to figure out the gray space in between.

In 2014, Mike joined HP as an HRBP and then stepped in to build a team to transform learning and development. He was recently appointment as the Global Head of Talent & Learning and feels lucky to be surrounded by such a creative and collaborative global team.

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