Mostafa Azzam

HCI Faculty

Mostafa Azzam is Founder and Managing Director of "the HR talent" with
offices in Canada and Egypt. He is a senior instructor and faculty member at HCI
covering the MENA, Africa and South Asia regions. He is also an international
SHRM facilitator and consultant as well as an adjunct faculty member of the
American University in Cairo (AUC), School of Continuing Education.

Mostafa boasts an impressive track record of over 26 years leading HR and
Talent Management functions, globally. As former Head of L&OD for British
Petroleum (BP), he ensured robust talent capability through integrated talent
acquisition, development, deployment, and retention processes.

Throughout his career, Mostafa's unique skill-set has helped maintain
organizational capability and capacity for British Petroleum (BP), Kuwait Oil
Company (KOC), Saudi Chevron (SAC), Aramco, Egyptian Drilling Company
(EDC), Maërsk, American University in Cairo (AUC) and the British Council,
amongst other industry-leading organizations.

Mostafa is a global HRM Consultant and an internationally acclaimed Master
Facilitator, Keynote Speaker and Conference Chair who has delivered
hundreds of high-profile workshops, seminars and keynotes at major training
events and conferences around the globe. He is widely recognized as a
thought leader and globally respected authority on HR Analytics, Digital HR,
Talent Management and Strategic HR.

Mostafa was recently cited one of the "Top Global Influencers in HR Tech of
2019" and one of the "Top HR Analytics Influencers to Watch in 2019." He was
cited one of the "100 Most Talented Global L&D Leaders in 2018," where he
was awarded the global "Learning & Development Leadership Award" and
the "HR Best Practice Award" for his contributions to HR and L&D.

Mostafa was educated in the UK and holds a BSc. in Engineering and an MA in
TEFL. He is bilingual and is natively fluent in both English and Arabic.