Phil Fenech

HCI Faculty

Phil Fenech is founder and president of Intrinsic Training and Development.
He has built his credentials in leadership development over the course of
more than 30 years of experience as a successful, multi-level leader.

Beginning his career as a front-line employee, Phil quickly advanced
through an upward path of leadership positions. The value he placed on
effective training ultimately led him to the role of Director of US Learning
and Development for the international transportation giant, DHL Express.
Phil played an instrumental role in pioneering DHL’s ‘Certified International
Specialist’ program in the US. A ground-breaking employee engagement
approach that was eventually expanded to over 220 countries around
the globe. During this time Phil was recognized with the US CEO award
for developing and maintaining a globally recognized New Hire Induction
course. He was also recognized by the Global CEO for leading the US
to exceed the rigorous Center of Excellence standards for the ‘Certified
International Specialist’ program. He continued as head of the program in
the US until leaving to start his own company.

Phil is a certified facilitator who develops employee performance from
within. Able to successfully coach others in driving results without
compromising respect, he has established a strong proficiency for learning
and development leadership built upon broad based change management
acumen aligned with a common-sense approach to continuous

He is an innovative consultant possessing real life experience in solving
organizational needs through enhanced leadership performance.