Ravi Singh

HCI Faculty

Ravi Singh is the Managing Director of Bluefin and an HCI representative
in the MENA region. In addition, Ravi is the consulting COO of SKG and
serves as an advisor for various boards.

Previously, Ravi was a Director of THE One, recognised as the best
employer in Asia Pacific. Prior to that, he worked as a senior executive at
CFAL in Australia.

Ravi earned a degree in Education and a double MBA. He completed a
five-year project on “Employee Behaviour at Work” and earned a Master’s
degree in Research. He has been recognized as a top academic at
Western Sydney University, where he taught leadership and developed a
series of business tools to improve organisational performance.

Ravi’s areas of expertise include change management, global business,
and transformational leadership. He focuses on helping clients create
great workplaces and a competitive advantage through human capital. He
is a speaker, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and author who most recently
published the book “C for Choice” in 2017.