Ryan Sarpalius

Principal Business Analyst, Pacific Gas and Electric Company

Ryan Sarpalius is a Principal Business Analyst at Pacific Gas & Electric Company with more than 15 years in energy and technology. Having helped implement large, enterprise-wide initiatives touching technology, process and learning, Ryan currently leads the strategy for mitigating one of the top risks at PG&E: Ensuring a Skilled & Qualified Workforce.

Using innovative strategy, clear story-telling and robust portfolio/program management, Ryan utilizes a sharp ability to take unknown complexity and turn it into robust visibility, driving risk mitigation and business strategy at all levels of the organization.

Ryan holds a B.S. in Psychology and is completing his credential in Economics, Finance and Business Analytics from Harvard Business School.

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The Skilled and Qualified Workforce: L&D for Employee Safety

May 9, 2018 | Ryan Sarpalius

Explore the Skilled & Qualified Workforce Model and how it helps HR drive an enterprise strategy for risk mitigation, how the Learning & Development function plays a part in enabling safe and effective performance through training governance and measuring training effectiveness, and discover strategies for partnering with other lines of business, enterprise-wide technology and data/analytics to ensure a skilled and qualified workforce.