Adapting and Executing Sourcing Strategies in a Changing TA Market


Changes in candidate demographics and behavior, as well as shifts in requisition profile, are changing the way you find, attract, and engage different types of talent than you did in the past.

In a scarce talent market, you need to get creative. Where you only considered filling roles with full-time talent, you now consider flex or part-time workers. Once, you only hired someone with 3-5 years of experience, but now you are investing in entry-level talent. You consider retirees or career changers or remote workers where you didn’t before. You are aggressively prioritizing diversity or military hiring initiatives to keep up with your talent demand.

In this session, we’ll briefly examine how our workforce is changing and then share real world examples of how these changes are driving innovation in the strategies we use to capture the right candidates.


Greg Karr

Executive Vice President, SevenStep


Patrick Galvin

Vice President, Sales, FedEx Services

Sandy Hauser

Sr. Talent Acquisition Manager, Ashley Furniture

Heather Tinsley-Fix

Senior Advisor, Financial Resilience, AARP