Inclusive Innovation: Where does Diversity Fit within the DNA of a Successful Organization?


Making diversity a priority is key for more inclusive innovation, and it requires looking at the benefits of diversity through a positive lens. More than the moral imperative to support those who are most able, regardless of their race or gender, building a diverse team can bring a science-driven innovation company greater creativity, problem-solving, empathy, and understanding of globalized business. In this session, I will discuss how inclusive innovation outlines the ways in which diversity proves itself necessary when addressing potential blind spots throughout the creative problem-solving process in the sciences, tech, and more. The race to innovate directly depends upon those doing the innovating, and that is where diverse teams have an advantage.

You Will Learn:

  • Three ways startups and businesses can begin diversifying their teams today
  • Why creating more inclusivity is key in helping companies stand out on local, national, and global scales
  • How diversity and out-of-the-box thinking can forge better results when tackling the most challenging problems we face, such as the production and provision of food, healthcare, and energy


Rohit Shukla

CEO and Founder, Larta Institute