How to Hire with Humanity - Opening up the Recruitment Black Box


In the age of information, all candidate data is available to anyone that looks for it. People are easily found. The challenge has shifted; it’s now about how you take those people through a process with humanity and transparency then persuade them to join your organization. The needs of candidates, and indeed internal teams, have shifted and we all need to adapt.
Matt will therefore be talking through how Peakon opens up the black box of sourcing and attraction for both internal teams and candidates to create a human-centric process that scales using data.
Actionable Takeaways:

  • How to use transparency to your advantage at every stage of the process
  • Tips to humanize your hiring teams and to make all candidates advocates for your business
  • How to combine a human-centric approach with data mining from your ATS


Matthew Bradburn

Vice President of People and Talent, Peakon