Learn to Influence with Business Acumen


HR is often perceived by corporate leaders as being out of step with the rest of the business. To help counteract that perception, HR professionals need to develop their business acumen. This workshop will help you learn what you need to know about financial measures, statements, and concepts so that you can speak the language of the business.
This workshop brings you HCI’s current CFO Chad Boydston and CFO turned HR-guru Jeff Higgins, as they share how business leaders think and the type of information they expect in a business case and/or financial statement. HR analytics professional Rachel Baghelai, Ph.D. will share her experiences as an external and internal consultant bridging the finance-HR standoff. Rachel will share her experiences and recommendations on how HR professionals can communicate effectively with business partners to create more valuable analytics and insights.
You will learn:

  • How to increase your financial acumen.
  • The key elements to provide in any business case.
  • How to partner with finance.


Rachel Baghelai, Ph.D.

Senior Manager of Workforce Analytics, Groupon

Jeffrey Higgins

CEO, Human Capital Management Institute