The Overlooked Element - Embedding Age in Your Inclusion & Diversity Strategies


By 2024, workers 50+ will make up 35% of the workforce.  Generational diversity in the labor market is currently at an all-time high, with members of the workforce ranging from Traditionalists to Gen Z.  As labor markets remain tight and finding great candidates gets harder, promoting an age-inclusive workplace culture is more important than ever. In this interactive panel discussion, we will cover how to leverage the strengths of a multigenerational workforce.
You will learn:

  • How to recognize and reduce ageism in the workplace
  • Proven strategies from leading organizations on cultivating and leveraging an age-diverse workforce
  • How to include age as an element of your inclusive diversity practices


Heather Tinsley-Fix

Senior Advisor, Financial Resilience, AARP


Lisa Walden

Principal & Generational Consultant, BridgeWorks

Ouraphone Willis

Senior Director, Global Diversity, United Health Group

Nadine Vogel

CEO, Springboard Consulting LLC